Gravity is a major psychophysical driver in the human mind.

Flying in dreams feels liberating, as does diving and floating in space. Getting rid of things in one’s life and easing thoughts that keep one on the ground and heavy is freeing. Repression is something to fight against. The mental antithesis of gravity has been the basis of religions and self-help literature. When the external reality equals the inner it ceases to exist, and the simplified composition focuses thinking. The balance is like a zero-g environment, when the boundaries are the easiest to cross.

Imagination and innovation is paralleled with words describing flying and freedom. In the limitless one floats and breaks boundaries – the physical constraints. Being on the move feels like being more alive: a whole part of the stream of time, like falling in a free fall.

Truth is seen as coming from above, even from the blue sky – there’s so an unsatisfied desire towards weightlessness. Air superiority means great power. We don’t have a weight except in relation to something else, so in essence we are weightless. It’s something that is longed for, and maybe lost even.

What if the Earth is dropped from the equation and we wouldn’t feel its gravity anymore consciously and subconsciously? When everything else besides the humans is removed, the only gravity that remains comes from the mass of bodies. The force that now is meaningless becomes the most meaningful.

Funny phenomena begin to occur. The heavies individuals form human systems around them, and around someones moon systems are formed. We wouldn’t keep things with us, because they would grind many to dust like the rings of Saturn.

But still no-one would be the center point like the Solar System’s center of  gravity is not always in the Sun. The Sun and planets revolve around a common point. The force would be transpersonal and non-subjective, and it would mold our thinking the same way as we know think about the birds in the sky – only now we would live it.

When the force of gravity of our bodies is dropped from the equation, we wouldn’t be attached to them at all: the molecules and basic elements would now have the largest effect. The emotions would glue us together, and in the end only electrical currents would remain – and they would form interference fields and energy resonances. The communication becomes instantaneous.

What kind of effect all of this has in our subconscious: being aware of the interactions, which are blinded by an immense mass. It’s an illusion.

What remains, if the constants of the universe are dropped, and the electromagnetic forces ceased? The final detachment, but logically towards liberation and the greatest union.

It’s comforting that the final composition is always present. It’s not something that needs to be invented. It can be imitated, but nothing needs to be constructed – although practically the means of communication are constantly being developed. It’s something to be found and discovered – each in one’s own way. It’s understood through action, and the obstacles are pruned out of the way of the laminar flow.

This is repeated in baking for example. The final state is known and understood from experimentation and observation, and there emerges a pattern and a formula, which will always have more or less the same ending if followed dutifully and without sidesteps, feeling the material at hand. The ingredients provide many permutations of harmony.

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