Elämä elämästä

Kuvassa on hylkeenpoikanen Pohjois-Amerikasta. Arktisen jääpeitteen pienentyessä niiden suojapaikkoja on vähemmän. Tiiviimmissä rykelmissä rannoilla niitä uhkaavat pedot. Pikkunen höpsyli, joka ei ymmärrä muuta kuin yrittää tulla toimeen muuttuvissa olosuhteissa parhaansa mukaan. Mietin tuntisinko sympatiaa ja surua, jos en pitäisi otusta söpönä tai mikäli se olisi jotain mikä uhkaisi minua (tai ehkä tuo onkin aikamoinen peto […]

Shamanic Journey

Introduction I visited US for a while to meet Chandra, the owner of Erototox Decodings. The label is behind the release of my third album Melancholy Paradox. I stayed at his place with his wife Elisa and their two cats AO and Gracie. Elisa studies and realises shamanism based on Peruvian tradition. I had never […]

The cathedral of trees

The cathedral of trees got illuminated at the eve of Spring. I tried to decipher the messages recorded on the trunk of the tree, but I didn’t understand the genetic code. I thought of a biomechanic with the specialty in insects, who would have been held captive. The mechanic would try to communicate with possible […]

Bitcoins in a forest

I visited the Yaga Gathering in Lithuania a while ago. I performed there an ambient live set on the Saturday morning, as sarana. For the first time in my life I paid something with bitcoins. I was so happy! The place was a yurt, and they provided espresso, chai and cookies. Crypto currencies are a […]


Uses a landslide as a treadmill stormy wind for the will power The tail of the comet ties to a bow tie Pulls the planets for an exercise Uses the Sun as a flashlight in the darkness of space, dresses a starry veil on waist and rests from the end to the end with thousands […]

Letter from a Party

I have ended in an oasis of modern dance music in the middle of the concrete desert of an urban city centre. The locals have gathered from 100 miles around and the clientele consists of a few random explorers too; lured in by the flashing and enticing light forms. It’s a portal to another dimensions, […]


Gravity is a major psychophysical driver in the human mind. Flying in dreams feels liberating, as does diving and floating in space. Getting rid of things in one’s life and easing thoughts that keep one on the ground and heavy is freeing. Repression is something to fight against. The mental antithesis of gravity has been […]