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Janne Särkelä

I’m a Finnish sound artist and developer, who likes to dwell in the borderlands of reality. My latest position has been the Senior Technical Developer at Digital Lessons Finland. I’m currently doing similar jobs as a freelancer and for part time. I’m a skilled specialist and content producer in the field of elearning.

My musical alter ego is called sarana, and I have my own business Sanara Creations: sound design, music production, art facilitation (technical realisations, sensor technologies, programming…), main purpose is to provide help to make ideas into reality!

I act as the secretary of Krypto Fin ry, an association which promotes 2.5 generation blockchain and FIMK cryptocurrency.

I help the less fortunate in life as a helper in an association for disabled persons.

I’m the other artist behind the 1000 year GIF animation AS Long As Possible, and a founding member of the Yacht Club Records, an indie label sailing the sea of sounds.

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Janne Särkelä3 days ago

Wau! Seppo Renvallin Napoli Film nyt #yle Areenassa Uusi Kino -sarjan myötä. Tein siihen äänen ja musiikin: https://t.co/TjWCI3OyXl Katsokaa ja kuunnelkaa :)

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Janne Särkelä6 days ago

Funny, 5$-10$ every few days for just 2 minutes of your time, from token airdrops > https://t.co/e6b3IwcyIo #ethereum address and Telegram account required (and hope those blockchain startups flourish..). #WorkFromHome

Janne Särkelä7 days ago

RT @JNiittumaki: Tämä lakana oli opettajille liikaa, emmekä saaneet laittaa sitä rekkaan.

#sensuuri https://t.co/jmh2TjFHBQ

sarana1 month ago

Hello, how are you? In the midst of a snow storm, here's a small sample of something I've been working on these days.


sarana6 months ago

A bit of soloing from under the new Sun.


SanaraCreations2 years ago

Serious loving with midi controlled Korg Polysix (Kiwisix expansion). Only delay added. Adjusting filter, sound and envelope modes + sub oscillator as it goes on. Happy to have the device back...

SanaraCreations2 years ago

Doing what I can to save the arctic: seeding icebergs. Hopefully it'll reach the Baltic Sea in a few days, then it'll continue towards the North Sea on its way to the Polar region. It's a bit...

SanaraCreations2 years ago

The work is a part of the series of works, which were dedicated to a certain tree in the downtown of Helsinki. The tree is cut to make way for an art museum. Where does the tree end, and where...