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Janne Särkelä

I’m a Finnish sound artist and developer, who likes to dwell in the borderlands of reality. My latest position has been the Senior Technical Developer at Digital Lessons Finland. My musical alter ego is called sarana, and I have my own business Sanara Creations: sound design, music production, art facilitation (technical realisations, sensor technologies, programming…), main purpose is to provide help to make ideas into reality!

I act as the secretary of Krypto Fin ry, an association which promotes 2.5 generation blockchain and FIMK cryptocurrency.

I’m the chairman of Kolibri ry, an association to promote social and participatory art.

I help the less fortunate in life as a helper in an association for disabled persons.

I’m the other artist behind the 1000 year GIF animation AS Long As Possible, and a founding member of the Yacht Club Records, an indie label sailing the sea of sounds.

Sanara Creations

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Yacht Club Records

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